Special and personalized vinifications ✓ vintage vintages ✓ long-term - DOMAINE LE MAS LOU
In the intention to respect all the work done along the year to get a good harvest, vintages are done by hand and taken to the cellar in 40kg containers.

There, the boxes are direclty emptied in a machine to detach the grapes and putted in tanks.
Grapes get almost unspoiled in the tanks. And with this raw material, Adèle and Olivier with their technical skills but their sensitivity too make their wine to reach the specifications of millesime designation.

The domain is small (8ha), composed of parts sometimes very old (with in particular very old carignans) and wine making is done by isolating every part of the domain. 
Wines are raised with attention, skill and.. a lot of love. 

Best vintages are then raised in oak barrels.